experiencing the world capturing the unseen in common view with a focus on commercial projects, wildlife, and special projects.

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Named after a Titan

Atlas Air, Inc.

The airline was named after Atlas, a Titan in Greek mythology, who carried the heavens on his shoulders. Their symbol on the plane's tail is a golden man carrying a golden world. 

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Shackleford Bank

Wild Horses

Shackleford Banks is a barrier island system on the coast of Carteret County, North Carolina. It contains a herd of feral horses, scallop, crabs and various sea animals, including summer nesting by loggerhead turtles.

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Santa Clara County, California

Working Dogs

Highly trained dogs to work in Search&Rescue in Northern California.

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Art Exhibition

Bruce Barnett Retrospective

The Chowan Arts Council, Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft and Maureen McCarthy invite you to experience the life and creativity of Bruce Barnett. Februrary 2nd, 2019. Selections from his work as a metalsmith, sculptor, woodworker, leatherworker, painter, lapidary and teacher were displayed at this retrospective exhibit.

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Warm & Welcoming

Villages of Apex

The Villages of Apex is a refreshing alternative in Apex, North Carolina real estate. 

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Services and Consulting

Aerial photography:  Also known as “drone” photography/videography, allows for an elevated vantage point to provide imagery, 2D Orthomosaic, and  3D modeling.

Lifestyle Photography:  Showcasing your product or service in the environment it was created for will provide customers association with value and brand.

Community Photography:  Focused on community and regional features for developers, home builders, commercial real estate managers, grant writers and advertising agencies

Construction: Pre-Post photography projects, allow developers to capture various stages of construction projects.

Product or Service: Studio or on location photography of your product or services for business usages, marketing campaigns, websites and campaigns.

Aerial Crop Sensing: Agricultural data gathering to increase ROI through data mapping of fields to determine crop health and full field crop scouting.